We all know there is a fine bunch of trunk trackers out there that have many useful features, however, all of the radios seem to be different in one way or another. Anyone who has a trunking radio knows it only takes only one stupid feature or limitation of a feature (we didn't hear about 'till after we bought the radio) to really bug you. This guide provides detailed features for all the analog trunking scanners to help make the decision on which one(s) to own without having to buy any of the different radios first. It also provides an easy way to compare the radios without having 10 windows on your screen to go back and forth to (which was my primary aggravation).
Many of the radios have software that will enhance and/or enable other features not possible with just the keypad and have been noted when known. My opinion is get the software if you have a lot of frequencies. With all the features and setting in these new fangled devices it will save you hours of programming, especially with alpha-tagging. It may also be easier to figure out the software versus the keypad sequences for the radios.
Most of the information was obtaining by downloading the manuals and reading them from the manufactures. Some info was had by reading newsgroups, Radio Reference Forums, and reviews from the Strong Signals website, Strong Signals Reference Page, Strong Signals Scanner Model Faq, Strong Signals User Forums, various Yahoo groups, and reviews. Some of the little nuances were obtained from the Radio Reference Wiki, and by owning and using the rest of them. I'd be real lucky if I got everything right for all these scanners so if you see anything that is obviously wrong, want to clarify something, or want to add missing information you can email me at marksscanners "at" yahoo "dot" com. I also have links on my main page where you can find the manuals to download and links for more information.
See also my scanner recommendations page.
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March 26, 2016